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Dental Air Compressor

Dental Air Compressor

A dental air compressor pressurizes atmospheric air for use in dental procedures. After capture and compressing oxygen, it cleans and dries the gas and stores it away to be used for handsets, drills, and other types of units that need out ultra-clean compressed air to function. Air is also used to dry the tooth surface, when bonding composites for example. Some units are portable, allowing practitioners to move them around as needed.


We have 1hp to 10hp 1cfm to 36 cfm up to 8 bar pressure range oil free salient air compressors., Used in Medical and Surgical Hospitals, Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, laboratories instruments operations.
We Heavy Duty Oil air compressor Specially Designed for Hospital’s Various Applications, this machine widely used in medical and surgical operations area & other small laboratories machinery operations.

Model No. Motor H.P. No.of Piston Piston Displacement(CFM) Max. Pressure Receiver Capacity
HP K.W CFM Ltr/Min Kg/cm2 Psig ( Liters )
550 0.75 0.56 2 3.10 100 8 115 30
750 1 0.75 2 3.95 112 8 115 35
1500 2 1.50 2 7.91 224 8 115 50